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Welcome to Demaur Cosmetics private label mineral makeup dedicated to providing superior quality for your brand, your reputation and your bottom line. Our approach is one of hands-on artistry, not mass production. Each product is developed, tested, manufactured and filled in our labs and filling facility. Every product has a history, which we track from concept through the shelf life of each individual cosmetic. One location dedicated to producing your line.

We present our clients with superior mineral makeup, extensive quality control and supreme customer service unmatched in the private label mineral makeup industry. And we do so without a cookie cutter approach. Our formulations are elite, well researched and extensively tested.

We understand your need for the best of the best and we deliver. For more than 20 years Demaur has created and formulated the most sought after 100% private label mineral makeup on the market. Our dedicated mantra is Your Name, Our Makeup. Its a combination that cannot be beat.

Explore our Signature Line of over 151 top-of-the-line products and colors; find out how we can customize for your specific needs and see our quality control turn key product formulation, production, fulfillment and warehousing with one highly experienced team in one location.

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